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Best German song EVER!

I was shopping in Schadowstrasse in Düsseldorf. In the designer shoe outlet. Where it was a place to get some trendy top brand shoes. And then they played the song. … Continue reading

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Russian call from Germany

Highly respected Mr. Putin, there are more than 5 million of us Russian speakers. We are humiliated here, they make us work. The worst is that they make us speak … Continue reading

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PERRRFECT: spring comes earlier to Germany!

There is no such a thing as one truth. I wasted many of my very early youth years chasing the truth. I thought that if I dig deep enough there … Continue reading

March 3, 2014 · 1 Comment

How to survive and fully enjoy carnival in Germany

It is a long carnival weekend in Germany and most cities, towns and even villages of NRW are busy with carnival processions. It is definitelly one of the things to … Continue reading

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Impossible to translate German words

Just came across an interesting list of words that are impossible to translate to other languages other than making a long explanation. These are the Germans:   Torschlusspanik Translated literally, … Continue reading

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Avoid Germany in November

17:00. Dark. Germany. If you can, avoid Germany in November. You hardly find candles on the 1st of November even in cemeteries! Avoid visiting Germany in November. Avoid as hard … Continue reading

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1 year anniversary

I feels like I have just started this blog and I did not have time to look around and tataaaaam, one year since my first post! Like all anniversaries, they … Continue reading

November 2, 2013 · 7 Comments

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