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Lust of a few new very practical German words?

I am sharing a very funny list of some interesting German words. Nothing to add, really. Have a nice Monday. My favorite German words

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Sick of learning German? An idea to try ;)

Sick of learning German? Too hard? All these articles and stuff? Try Lithuanian instead.

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VERY BAD: the looks of people in Germany, comfortable but really bad

Another day I realised I have no idea how I looked at that moment. Well, how can I know, I thought to myself, if I haven’t looked at the mirror. … Continue reading

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Some insights to German neighbors

This is not as a lovely car advertisement of a German car. That withstands some cute old lady craziness. I am not German. But I live in Germany. So I … Continue reading

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The meaning of MH17 plane people death in Ukraine

My deepest condolescense to families of MH17 in Germany, neighboring Holland and countries around the world. Innocent people lost their lives when the plane was shot over Ukraine by the … Continue reading

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Two times I tried to post an entry including Putin name, it did not save. I am writing from Germany.  That would be too much, if he can influence this … Continue reading

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QUITE GOOD: a German song possible to listen

After the era of spoken songs, as if they can be called songs, Germans finally developed as I call anthem type of music stream. This is one of examples. Quite … Continue reading

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