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Cultural accident with… corpses!!!

About two years ago there was a wide spoken accident on German highway. The heavy truck did not let the Mercedes Benz into the highway and killed woman, the driver of MB.

I think maybe more dead were in this accident, now I can’t tell. But the fact there were dead, is a fact. And what a good topic for the 1st of November, isn’t it a little spooky?!

Anyway, I felt like I was the only person to understand WHY this accident happened. It was a 100% cultural accident.

The truck driver was Polish and the car driver was German. And you have to have some driving experience in both countries to tell the reason. And it is better if you are from non of them to tell the reason. And I am. So I can tell the reason.

Why it was cultural. In Poland the driving is rather agressive. You can suddenly see a car or a truck coming in front of you half in your lane, and it is your problem to avoid the clash, even when you are 100% in your lane.

It is not because Polish people are bad generally. It is because in such a big country as Poland is the roads are way too narrow and underdevelopped for the heaviness of the traffic they bear. So if you want to go faster, which is a natural need because you can’t go at least average fast in such roads, you have to become rather rude and risky. Or otherwise you will sink in endless frustration and you will feel like this damn road will never end and won’t take you anywhere.

I have to add something I carry from my own culture of driving, which is somewhere between Polish and German. I come from Lithuania and we are more impatient as Germans but we are not that agressive as Polish on roads.

In my country if you are sure that you are driving according the rules, you don’t look around. Even if someone is doing something wrong which is potential to end as an accident, you kind of ignore them. And even if accident, then it is clear whom to blame.

In Germany driving culture is the opposite. If some idiot does nonsenses then the rest of the society will do everything to keep him or her safe. I have also heard there is some sort of right hand rule in Germany which in equal crossroad give priority to the car coming from the right.

Maybe because of that, I swear 99,99% of cars are entering highways not even looking if the lane they are entering is free to enter! And since it is such a driving culture, other cars start changing lanes more to the left, so that the ones entering the highway would not be blown away. This is still amazing me everyday!

That is why the cultural accided ended with corpses. Polish driver was sure it was his right to keep going on his right lane. And the poor German driver was so sure that he will let her in, and maybe she did not even look around to see if she was really being given such a favor.

Poor people. As their cultural clash ended in losing lives.


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