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Definitetely THE BEST: St. Martin

I come from the country which is even more to the North than Germany. Picture from Fancy Cologne blogWhich means November is the worst time of the year. When days are short, nights are long. Cold, rain.

As many people are affected by weather and climate conditions, I am too. A lot so. Low mood, low energy, grey thoughts. I have discovered with the time, it is not something wrong with my life. It is November.

With the time I also understood it will pass. When days will start to get longer again. So I take the low mood less serious now. I know, it is November.

It has been so in my life, and I am sure, many years and centuries before. However I have to admit that people have not thought anything good how to fight November depression in my country.

In Iceland about this time all newspapers scream with the advice how not to sink in vodka. By the way, alcohol is not freely sold there. Just a note.

People in the North have not come to much of the invention. But not Germans!

Sankt Martin Fest is something they start the worst period of the year. And they win over November depression! In each local commynity people from small kindergarten children to old people staying gather in the local communities, all light lanterns and lights and walk through the streets. They carry a lot of lights in their hands. And sing.

The procession normally includes a real orchestra marching together and playing! Well, and two policement to stop the traffic!

They carry light. They sing loud. And sound and light breaks the dark cover of November night.

If  you consider visiting Germany in autumn, this is something you can not miss.


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