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THE VERY BEST: sales skills from toddler age!

This is not just another half finished jar of marmelade. It is no way a simple marmelade.

What can be so special about the marmelade?

It can. It is made by hand. By kids aged 3 to 6. And sold by them too!!! And tastes soooo good! And I don’t like pumpkins. Anything I ever tried to made of pumpkins it tasted terrible! But not this marmelade.

And I am ten times the age of the smallest kids who made it. And I had definitely more time to practice cooking.

OK, I swore to mom that I will earn enough for my kids to eat in restaurants three times a day when she was preaching me that I should learn to cook or my kids will die starving. Later I did learn but that is another story. And it is not related to Germany.

But I did not mastered pumpkins. Yet. I thought I would never do but I have to admit, such a result is inspiring. And provoking to learn. More. If 3 year old kids can do this!?

But what I admire a lot about Germany that making food is not the only skill they teach from early age. They also teach sales. Which is at least equally important. If not more.

One morning I was taking my child to kindergaten (it is a German word by the way). We just entered the house and we smashed outselves to the table. Kids behind the table were shouting something like Buy our marmelade!!! Something longer and maybe nicer I guess. But it was so sudden and unexpected that it took me time to understand why this table is on our way and what these kids are doing here.

Of course I bought marmelade! I did not even have the intention to try it (it was made of pumpkins, you know…). I think they only had two last jars to sell. All were gone before me!

And this is not the first time I see children do this. Make and sell. All themselves! It was the same with strawberries. In strawberries season. I am deeply convinced this is something so right what they do since earlz days! I have met so many people to whom sell themselves or their ideas, or products or whatever is a major challange they never cope with! It is not America, ok? 😉

I can not feel enough gratefulness to supervisors who plan such activities and execute them. I have to say kids feel perfectly well by selling what they made.

It teaches kids to earn money. To realise you can make something what other people can use. And proudly earn money for myself.

I can go on and on how right I find this all.

But you got my idea. So I just say, I am glad I risked to try the marmelade.


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