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THE BEST OF THE BEST: planning I looked through the window. A neighbour was cleaning around their gates. Regardless that it was snowing. First time this year. No, second in fact. Well, maybe she looked cleaning a little in a more angry way.

As if I know. During two and a half years living here I saw her only cleaning the front part of the garden and taking care of the flowers in their balcony. Maybe these are the only things she does.

Anyway, I thought, shame on me, I haven’t cleaned the garden for many mane weeks. OK, I have to admit, I was hoping that the last weeds will die because of cold. But when it is aroung +8 C always, they hardly do. At least they do not grow. That much.

But the leaves were falling and falling and falling and falling. I was ignoring them. I have to say this year I was so much better in this. But there were too many of them anyway. And when all neighbourgs have romoved theirs, mine started to stab into the eyes. As we Lithuanians say.

So I took my witchy broom and started also cleaning the leaves. Angrily.

At the end I realised that tomorrow the brown trash container will be emptied. It means I did not have to drag it full of heavy wet leaves back to its place. What a relief! I left it standing on the street and felt proud of myself.

Little after when I was finished I heard some noices from another side of the house. It was our other neighbour also cleaning the leaves! By the way, the path he cleaned, goes along our house and I always think it is our duty to clean it. But he is always the first!

What happened, I think to myself, all people were suddenly inspired to clean the autumn leaves on the same day.

And then suddenly I know the answer. Because it is the brown trash container day tomorrow! Germans exceed even themselves and fill in the container a day before it is emptied!

I would not write about it if it would not be the case with all of the things here. Days after my son turned five I received a letter that he needs a health check at the age of 5,5.

But his football trainer has forgotten to take some file or bag today and he could not collect the money for Christmas party… which will be this Friday! It turns out that even Germans are humans.


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