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VERY VERY VERY GOOD: facilities for your kids to learn play football

Everyday when I have anything to do with football (and I do, my both kids are members of football club) I can not stop wondering how good are the facilities and opportunities for kids to learn to play football.

We live in suburbs, and we don’t even have a shop here. The next small small town is really very small and old. With mainly old people living there. But very cozy and nice though.

But there is a huuuuuuuge football club in this small cozy old town! With three football grounds to train outside and at least three inside halls. Of all sizes and ground covers. And it is constantly full of people! From small children starting from 4 years of age up to grown ups!

In the town to which we belong to, and it is not a big town, there are many football clubs like that! It is simply unbelievable!

If I would have a talanted child with great perspectives in football I would probably consider moving to Germany only because of that. I have never seen better possibilities available at hand like this.

No wonder, football is a national religion in Germany. Yes, not Catholicism, not Protestantism. Not even Islam. And there is a huge Turkish minority. But football. The religion of the religions.


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