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BEST OF THE BEST: no theft

Yesterday, today again I was passing huge piles of freshly dug out beets. The piles lying right along a road. No fence, no other obstacles. One great pleasure – drive comfortably close and load your truck.  Are you the owner or not.

But the farmers would not leave their stock this way if there would be risk of losing their income source. They must be pretty sure the stock is safe.

And it is.

In summer I used to pass a huge field of strawberries when going to German classes. The field was so huge and harvest was so good that my head used to spin because of the thick aroma of strawberries around the field.

Tons of juicy red sweet berries were inviting to just strech your hand and pick one. Maybe the second one too. Maybe more?

I have passed the field many many times, sometimes two times a day. I never saw people picking even one berry even once. And like before, there was no fence, no distance, you just bend a little and soak your hand in strawberries. Everyone would go to the kiosk on the corner of the field and pay 2 Euros for half kilo.

We are joking that you can put 100 euros in cash outside your door facing the street and leave for vacation. You will find it when you are back.

Yes people are taking preciousions, like locking doors obviously, emptying each others post box when on vacation, etc.

And yes, things happen here, too. I have heard of one house in our neighbourhood robbed.

But the feeling is really good. It really feels safe. Like no other country. Ok, except Iceland.



P.S. do beets really stay OK after it has snowed on them???


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