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NOT GOOD AT ALL: orange flash in traffic

A couple of days ago I was driving calmly as always by my usual route in suburbs.

And suddenly got an orange flash into my eyes. I did not understand what happened for a moment! I kept going my way and I realised that the secret traffic camera took my picture for overspeeding. Well, it is very hard to overspeed in a narrow suburbian street navigating betweek cars parked on both sides of the street.

But the speed limit was 30 km per hour (which is quite typical for suburbs and multiple small towns and villages) and I could have been driving 31 km/h. For sure no more than 32.

Even if I consider myself a very disciplinned driver, it was not the first time I saw an orange flash. It is the third. Three in three years is a lot? Or little? Anyway, earlier I was driving with a foreign number plate so the fines never reached me.

But this time I am with German and I am pretty sure this time I will have to pay. I will let you know how much when it comes.

What is interesting that the camera was placed in another absolutely usually looking car parked together with other local residents cars. You would never guess there is speed camera there! And what is more important, these cameras are movable, one day they are here, another there. You never know where.

So, it is very advisable to keep your speed to what is the limit everywhere. What is good, in many highways there is no speed limit. Enjoy the freedom and the crazyness there.


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