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GOOD: politeness, kindness and attention to people around

Today was the last shopping day before Xmas. The parking space was fully taken. The furthest spots where you never see a car were parked. I used to think, why did they build such a huge parking if only up to 20% is normally used? And Germans, by the way, use their resources very well.

Even on Saturdays, the busyiest shopping day in a week only up to 30, maybe 35 percent is used. 

Now I know, it is planned for the last working day before Christmas. 

The high rate of parking area usage has indicated the problems waiting at cashiers. Long queues. People getting irritated and losing patience. Which is very unusual for Germans, too.

Even an old man who is hardly moving and even breathing slipped in front of me to be the first to go to self service cashier. And he was already the second in a row to slip before me even if they both came later to que to pay!

I have decided that there will be no third who would take my turn and leave me to wait more. There was no third for sure. I am from the culture where people have very good skills of sneaking first. So I just need to decide I switch to my old mode and they all have no chance at all.

I was too relaxed, I never expected anyone to sneak before me! It never happened to me not a singe time in two years in Germany. People normally are very very nice to each other, I mean to strange people in the street, in shopping centers, everywhere in all public areas. Even in the forest if you go for a walk, many people walking their dogs will say you hi even if they see you first time.

In the street all the drivers are very attentive to everybody moving around them. They will stop to let pedestrian cross the street even if it is not a zebra. They will allow other car enter first and then drive themselves.

People would rarely bump into you in the shops, in the streets because they are always conscious about other people around and they will make sure other people do not have to feel bad or experience any kind of discomfort because of them.

And the craziness of pre Christmas shopping was an opposite situation which let me see how kind and polite German people are all the rest 354 days in a year.


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