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NOT SO GOOD: celebrating and partying

Germans are the best engineers in the world. No wonder they construct their lives a very engineer way. Including celebrating.

I will not talk about parties because I am not a party animal. I have not been to any single thing which can be called a party in three years in Germany. However deep inside I can truly not believe these things do not exist in Germany. They should, I think it is more in me.

But for sure I have been in many events and activities that can be called celebrations of various kinds.

Like New Year. About 23:30 the streets are empty, no one is there. No sound whatsoever. Exactly at 00:00 suddenly there are so many fireworks in a suburbian living district that it is impossible to believe because minutes back there was no living soul!


But minutes later, when all fireworkds are released, they suddenly are also all gone and disappeared.

You should not be suprised to receive the invitation in which you will see not only the starting time, but also closing time, which will look something like 20:45. When I saw that first time, I could not believe my own eyes!

When you come, be sure to plan to come not exactly at 7 pm but 10 – 15 minutes before. In my culture appearing earlier even minutes before might be taken as a slight rudeness, you normally are supposed to say something for the excuse if you are too early to arrive to somebody’s home. Because they might be not prepared yet.

In Germany, on the contrary, the starting time on the invitation card means that exactly at this minute the main activity will start. It means that time you need to greet hosts, take off your coats, get seated, etc. is supposed to take place before the indicated time!

I have to say, all German celebrations are extremely boring. Normally it looks like this, they gather, drink beer and eat bread with saussages. And everywhere it is the same! I do not like any of them. But the choice everywhere is very limited and the same.

So, they come, eat, drink, talk and leave. About 15 minutes ahead of time indicated as end in the invitations. They all just disappear!

Very engineery, you have come, you have stayed, you have spoken with someone, you ate the same food and drank your beer, listened to some very very poor music means you had a party!

Very bad, very bad indeed, especially if you are looking for anything, anything more than this.


One comment on “NOT SO GOOD: celebrating and partying

  1. Roxana
    January 3, 2013

    Try out Berlin – it is completely the opposite of what you are describing! However, if you aren’t a party animal, why parties do matter to you at all?

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