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JUST PERFECT: Christmas cake Stollen

For those who are not so sure if you will like it, you can find small loafs or even pieces of Stollen for sale.

My advice is to try the one with marzipan. By the way, Marzipan is marzipan in German, so it will be easy to identify. Be careful that different sorts of Stollen are packed in the same looking package, only this one word might be different. Pick the right one. In the beginning I thought that all Stollen cakes are the same and I was surprised when some that I bought tasted not exactly the same that I like the most.

Stollen with marzipan is somewhat a little more wet than other sorts, including more dried fruit. It includes the best what a really good cake should include, lots of dried fruit inside, thick layer of marzipan, sweet and a little wet dough and a thick layer of icing sugar on top. If you have a similar taste to mine, you will enjoy every single crumb of it!

Available in stores till the beginning of next year because they expire sometime in March. So if you become a real fan of Stollen, you can build some stock of your own Stollen in your basement.

The only thing I should warn you about Stollen is that it is a calorie bomb!

If you try the fist time, please let me know in comments if you agree that it is really worth trying and what is your favorite sort of Stollen.


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