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QUITE BAD: driving with lights off in bad weather conditions

I have to say Germans are very responsible. For anything they do, all the time.

That is what seeing so many cars driving without lights not in good weather conditions makes me wonder everytime. And this happens much more ofthen than I would like to!


In the rain, or when it is cloudy, when the sun is going down and it is this strange period of a day, when it is not fully dark yet but also not light anymore, or in narrow roads in the middle of the forest which are never very light, etc. etc.

Is it their other common feature – saving – that does not allow many of them to simply turn the car lights on? But can you really save than much by switching your car lights off, can you really?

In so many places and situations I thought while driving, gosh, I did not see that car before until it was really close to me! And my vision is really good! And it was because it was quite dark and rainy at the same time  and the car had no lights of any kind on.

Why do people do not care to turn the lights on and to make sure to be really seen? That is so non German.

Only German way of driving very carefully and calmly saves the situation.

It is so good that new cars are being released so that some small lights are on all the time when the engine is on. So clever to not rely on the driver only!

In the Northern countries in Europe in many countries the lights are obligatory ALL the time around the year. In some they are obligatory in autumn and winter, in the dark period of a year. I am convinced this practice should be implemented in Germany too.


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