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THE JOY OF MY HEART: Sanifair toilet chain on highways

I remember in my childhood when my sister suddenly wanted to pee and the public WC used to be not clean enough, we suddenly got to rush home cause she could not use it for the purpose it was built!

Sanifair (5)

Sanifair (1)

Sanifair is something completely the opposite. It is a refreshment for the heart in most German highways. At least in the Western part for sure.

When you enter, it always smells well. A cleanness is out of question. It is perfect. Every seat is cleaned immediately after usage. And you can repeat it yourself as many times as you wish before using it again.

I have never ever found it looking not clean.

It is always nice and in most cases there is quite a lot of space just to make you feel comfortable.

There is a small sink for kids. And I just love the foam there!

Yes, it costs. But just 70 euro cents, 50 of which you can claim back with your next purchace in fuel station or cafe on the road. Even if you use it only next time you travel. I did not notice an expiration date and they always work.

So, for the real price of just 0,20 EUR it is nothing. And, you can disinfect your hands.

Sanifair (3)

Sanifair (4)

And, it is free for kids.

And, there is always music playing.

I swear, if I were a composer, I would create a song for Sanifair restrooms.


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