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I come from the country where smoking in public areas is forbidden. As a nonsmoker I start chocking when someone smokes near me. I have to say, I had long forgotten what kind of feeling it was.

In Germany I was reminded.

What is interesting, is that in NRW where I reside, it is forbidden, too. So the law is the same but the practice, unfortunatelly, is different.

Last summer we came to our favorite Italian place for some ice cream. A place typical for families with children. I think it was raining on that day, so we decided to come in, not sit outside. Someone inside was smoking. So we had to quit. I do not remember this happening to me in the recent ten years maybe in any other EU country!

OK, for the sake of truth I was getting short of air in one restaurant maybe 6 – 7 years ago in London.

But to smoke in an Italian ice cafe which is typical place where kids come, ecxuse me?!

I must say Germans smoke much more in an average. You can often see a person walking in the street and smoking.

One more thing I do not like at all and feel surprised each time I see it, and unfortunately I see it a lot, it is ads of cigarettes in the streets. I have also not seen these things for a very very long time!

Everybody has very high expectations from Western Europe. Can there be more more Western Europe as Nord Rhein Westfalen? I do not think so. And I have to say times have changed. Some of the things have become better in many other countries and they stayed the same in Western Europe. And now they are bad.


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