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The first thing that comes to everybody’s head after mentioning a word carnival is of course Brazil. And no way Germany!

I have not yet beed to Brazil. But I can imagine carnivals are the best of the world there. But if you are stuck for some strange reason in this part of the globe called Europe or somewhere close, and if you have not been yet to Brazilian carnival, it is worth joining a German one!

2013-02-11 14.33.32

Carneval is another highlight making me say that Germans have really found a good way to live the darkest and coldest period of the year in the best possible way. Make fun and have fun.

Actually, seeing St. Martin fest for the third time, it felt a little less exciting as the first two times but fortunately enough, I can not say the same about the carneval. It is exciting even attending it for the third time!

In short, a big area of central city part is being closed for car traffic, and on Rosenmontag (special Monday which is a public holiday in NRW at least) a huge ceremony of dressed teams slowly walk and drive along the streets.

Everybody, the ones in the cremony and the spectators along the streets too, are dressed in impressive costumes. Everzbody is drinking beer excesively and  cheer to each other. People in the ceremony throw sweets and small items to the observing public.

Collecting the sweets falling from the sky is the most involving activity for kids. As well as cheering each other a lot and often.

2013-02-11 14.35.26

I think this is the most exciting part of the carneval in Germany. Everybody suddenly seems to be so happy, relaxed and making a contact. Which normally does not happen a lot in Germany on the rest of 364 days in a year.

Something worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. Köln, Düsseldorf are suggested but expect to park far and to be crowded. Try Kempen like we did this year, more friendly with kids as less crowded and you can park closer, and the ceremony is no less good as in bigger cities.

In the picture below: our catch, a lot of everything, including even a tie!

2013-02-11 16.03.51

P.S. If your ears are somewhat sensitive, make sure to have ear plugs. Cause if you will be really close, where the action takes place and sweets fly, music there at moments is really loud, and might make you want to run away.


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