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SIMPLY GREAT: early spring in the beginning of March

What I always admired about Germany, even long time before I moved here is early spring. I mean real spring. When snow is long gone as if it never existed, birds singing out loud, sun seems so bright as if winter darkness was a bad dream, grass seems so green aif s I saw this color the first time in my life.

And flowers flowers everywhere. Blooming trees also.

Around the 6th of March normally streets look yellow because of endless daffodils. Or pink because of blooming Japanese cherry trees (I think it is Japanese cherry trees).

But not this year.

Spring is late to come. Not very German to be late for more than a month!

I remembered one thing that I forgot to write about snow before.

When it snows, it is the responsibility of the residents to clean the snow around their houses. Yes yes, do not wait for special service to come and clean the sidewalk. It is your job even if you are completely not ready for it!

The lawyer told us. So by the law you have to take a broom or shovel into your gentle hands and go ahead to have some sports cleaning the area around the house!

If somebody walking near your house would slip and fall down, the owners of the house will take the responsibility for the injury of that person.

Now I am sure I have said all concerning snow in Germany. I am sure tomorrow I will be writing about the first signs of the real spring here.

In my homeland they say that a guest is like a fish, it starts to stink on the third day. Not-so-dear-at-all winter, you have been here more than three months, so now it is time to go. Besides, I have bought a pair of perfect shoes for spring!



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