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SO WEIRD! Anniversary greetings and obituaries in the same newspaper section!

Soooo wird! Anniversary greetings and obituary in the same newspaper section!

I have noticed that German reaction to death is somewhat different than in other contries.

This piece of newspaper is a living proof.

I have looked at it three times. No, five times. Trying to find a proof that I am wrong thinking that anniversary greeting (top left) and obituaries are in the same section.

I still can not believe it. But I am right, they are in the same section, aren’t they? And somebody’s anniversary greeting falls under the same title ‘Remembering in silence’???

If my greeting for my grandma would be posted like this even by mistake, my poor Oma* would be so deeply hurt and offended that I do not know if she would have enough time in her remaining life to forgive me. She would take it as if I wished she were dead by now!

I tell you, sometimes it is really hard to understand these Germans.

* Oma means grandma in spoken German


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