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SIMPLE TIPS to look way better than in the fashion catalogue

BEWARE! Fashion catalogues lie to you!!! (2)

I am a very visual type, colors, forms, shapes talk to me and mean a lot to me. I like observing people passing by and watching how they are dressed.

Sadly I have to admit that my eyes give me joy of what I see less often in Germany than in other countries.

If a person has got a style you can not hide it even under hijab!

I get my ideas of what matches and what does not just from looking around, from people, from nature, from landscapes, shapes and colors of things. One of the sources for ideas of how to dress is also fashion magazines and catalogues.

But I swear, if you care how you look, it is nota good idea to get inspired by German catalogues.

You got the proof. This is a page from current season I think Sheego catalogue.

I have crossed all what I think is completely wrong for plus size ladies. Anything left? Very little as you see. I find it so sad. Because how people are supposed to know that this is actually bad advice?

I got the comment to my previous entry that they are making pictures to sell not make you look nice. I have to say, this is the primary stage of competition which is long gone by now.

Let me comment each combination from the picture and give you the idea what is wrong in it.

TOP LEFT. Wrong length. The dress should end exactly where the legs are at the thinniest place of legs. Then legs would look just perfect. Unless you are extremely skinny avoid wrinkled waist on a gum. It is made to make you look way bigger!

RIGHT. Everything is wrong. Horizontal pattern makes your figure fatter and shapeless. Choose vertical lines and you will look much better. They will extend your curves vertically making you look better.

Forget 3/4 and 7/8 pants. They make your legs look shorter than they are. Buy full length pants. Or even longer and wear them with high heels to make your legs look longer and slimmer.

Never wear shoes with a full weight heels like that. They make your feet look heavy and the whole shappe stumpy. Choose high heels where heels are clearly separate from the sole and make you look more elegant.

CENTER. It is not that it would be completely wrong but I would separate the blouse and a skirt and combine it with other items. Because both are attention catchers and both together look kind of cheap. While alone they are rather rich and luxurious.

Look at the length of the skirt, this is the righ one!

The shoes are ok in terms of shaping your body but I would not buy such shoes cause they are very risky to make you look like in your working place in a dark street.

BOTTOM LEFT. The best part on this page! As a print on a T-shirt it is somewhat less provocative as the shoes in the center. However a nice way to have something not very daily. In a very simple way, on a T-shirt.

Vertical print makes you look taller and slimmer, adds some spicy feel and therefore is the only thing I would buy from this page and wear with my nose up high!

Get educated, pick perfect attires and look fabulous!


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