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How fast should you expect to improve your German? My experience

It is official!!!! Today, exactly after 3,5 years I officially signed the documents in German as an interpreter in the lawyer office!!!

I feel so high, I just can’t believe it!

It is not my aim to work as an interpreter. I just need language to get around, to live and to work. I have my company, we do mostly accounting but also IT systems implementations and finance management. And today I helped our customer to register their company in Germany. A GmbH which is like an Ltd.

So, I came to Germany exactly 3,5 years back knowing only two words in German. Everybody thinks it is thank you and hello. Wrong.

It is shit and pigs. Scheiße and Schweine. It never came to me to question why, but it is pure fact that these two German words are the most popular in Lithuania where I lived before.

After coming here I enrolled immediatelly to German classes and was attending them ever since once or twice a week with summer and other breaks which are the same as school breaks.

Most of the time during these 3,5 years I spent in Germany. And about a week in a month away. Sometimes two weeks.

I have an average exposure to German natives but I am using at least small bit of it everyday when I am in Germany.

I have to say learning a foreign language is like riding a roller coaster. Sometimes it is slowly going up and feeling very little or no progress. Then suddenly a perfect slide equal to realising that I understand almost everything what they say on 1LIVE, my favorite radio station.

Then it is a sudden light in the tunnel of understanding all or almost all what is being told to me in native German but a huge frustration to make even a simple sentence. And it was ringing in my head already!!!

And today the lawyer said I speak very good German! 

I know they say that as soon as you learn to say Hallo but anyway, it feels flattering indeed.



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