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You want it or not but Germans will force you to have patience

If you are starting any kind of business with Germans, you will have to grow tripple patience. They are sooooooo slow, you will not believe me even if I tell you! You really have to experience yourself to believe this.

herr-gib-mir-geduld (1)
I was trying to get one appointment. It was one of my very first experiences in Germany. It took me a month or maybe more to call the person I needed to talk to. She was having a two hour window weekly when she was accepting calls. Yes yes that is right, it is not a mistake. I told you, you have to get used to it.

Of course, her number used to be busy all the time. Finally, after weeks of calling I finally heard more than beeps at the other end. It turned out that all that she could do was telling me that I should actually call another number to get an appointment!

In moments like that all you want to do is to crash your phone again the closest wall.
And, you really need to be very patient.

Or you will lose your reputation like my client, calling me today if he can still walk back to the same bank since he was kicked out of one of its branches because he insisted the meeting with the manager immediatelly and wanted to pay a five digits amount in cash.


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