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Craziest exterior detail ever & German saving habits

WC outside lauke recycle

What is it in the picture, what do you think? I will help you a bit. In the background it is a wall of the house. The picture is taken outside, simply in the street. But is it in the front?

Saving is in German blood.

Neighbour asks me first if I need empty spices little bottles before throwing them away. It took me sometime to learn to say no before collecting things I do not really need in order not to reject her offers.

In my home country it is considered a sign of poverty to take a lunch box to the office because it is cheaper to eat a homemade food instead of going to eat outside.

Not in Germany. On the contrary, it is a general practice.
If you can save, you do that and you are very clever to do so.

Kindergarten occationally organises family boot sales when families sell out all they do not need. Everybody is buying from each other. For the sake of truth it is sometimes the only thing you can do on Sundays when all the rest is closed.

Any German can buy all they want. Not because they earn a lot. But because they save all the time.

A friend of mine knows a family where talking about how they save water is the main daily topic over dinner table.

In the picture above it is an old WC water tank. OK, recycling is a fashion now, I must admit.

For the same sake I should mention it is not everywhere in Germany you could see a WC outside the house. On the public side of it at least.


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    June 14, 2013

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