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Heat has hit Germany into face

Today might be the hottest day of a year. Heat will be reaching 40 C.

(c) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use this picture or / and text with an active link to

(c) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use this picture or / and text with an active link to

I am sure you have heard all these avoid staying longer in direct sunshine and drink water stuff many times before.

A few tips how to survive in premises with no AC in such weather conditions.

When it becomes too hot or we run out of fresh air, we people from the North run to open windows. It is one of our basic instincts.

You will have to fight this instinct in such hot weather and act the opposite.

Now it is hardly 8 am and the temperature is already above 25, so it is time to close all the windows, especially on the East and South side. Close the window shades, let the blinds go down, i.e. close your windows as much as it is possible with as many layers as there are.

In the North where in winter people have to protect themselves from cold, buildings are built to keep the warmth. Let’s use this feature but the opposite way.

Once all the windows are closed, the heat will be protected from coming from outside. Many layers of curtains, shades and similar will prolongue the time during which direct sunshine will warm up the room anyway.

If you have rooms in your appartment that have windows to the North, it will be the best to stay in them. There you at least do not have to stay in the darkness. But make sure to leave your South oriented rooms with closed doors and still closed windows and shades.

Of course, soon it will become unbarable to stay in the Sounthern rooms but keep them closed so that hot air does not come to Nothern ones. Isolated rooms will function by the same principle as thermos is working. Only one difference, this time we are trying to keep some coolness.

If you have basement, open it. Cooler air is not very keen to move up but you might feel a tender breeze of freshness.

I have learned this outside Germany where hot summers are more usual. But it is functioning also here, I have tried yesterday 😉

Best of luck surviving heat wave in the country where AC is not a typical equipment in each and every house. Not to mention air conditioned areas outside.

Or if my tip did not work enough, spend a day in a car with an AC!


3 comments on “Heat has hit Germany into face

  1. beerandbratwurst
    June 19, 2013

    Thank you for the reminder to close the Rolladen! My additional tips? Ice or cold water on your pulse points (wrists, etc.), and sleep with an ice pack wrapped in towels by your ankles.
    Oh, how I long for air conditioning!

  2. bestandworstofgermany
    June 19, 2013

    I can imagine! I remember I used to be always cold in the USA (I suppose you are from there) cause they like it to be +16 C inside!!! Over conditioning 😉

    I also walk bare foot on ceramic tales it feels pleasant 🙂

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