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QUITE GOOD: Museum der Geschichte in Bonn, a framed history of Germany

My German teacher adviced to visit the museum of history in Bonn. She said, especially if you have kids, take them there.

First attempt to visit it was unssuccessfull. It was closed on one of multiple public holidays in May.

Today we had more luck.

I have to say it is not so easy to mo make me want to go the museum. I think I simply have seen too much of them during my whole life. And the first ten years maybe when I was travelling I was obligatory visiting as many museums as I could possible squeeze into my poor overloaded schedule. Like a real Chinese woman.

But at some point I felt it is not something I would rather do more. Like with magazine subscription, after a while of reading the same magazine, you can not distinguish if it is a new issue you are reading or from last month. Or a month before. They all start seem and feel the same.

So, it is not so easy to make me want to go there especially try the second time and drive a hundred kilometers. Unless I am very interested in the particular subject. Or want to be with someone so much that museums work too.

But two things kept me going. First, I am interested in German history. Cause it is complicated. And it is different how I saw it before coming to live here. And second, my teacher sounded really pationate about it. Two, three in fact. I want my kids to know more. To have at least a little idea of history of the country they live in. And history of each country makes a history of the world we live in.

After KlimaHaus it was a little bit too museumish. I found too many things framed on the wall under the glass. Luckily, not all.

(c) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use this picture and / or text with an active link to

(c) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use this picture and / or text with an active link to

So, even if you skip the boring part of hearing stories and reading the descriptions of various times, there are some things to look at, too.

I like there is a significant part of exposition dedicated to how people lived. Toys, trains, furniture and clothes. Not only how they made wars.

BestAndWorstOfGermany Old Miele washing machine Alte Miele Waschmachine

This is not a spoiler, so you have to go and see yourself.

And it is free. And nothing in Germany is free.

And it is open on Sundays. And everything is closed on Sundays in Germany.


5 comments on “QUITE GOOD: Museum der Geschichte in Bonn, a framed history of Germany

  1. bestandworstofgermany
    July 28, 2013

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  2. Expat Eye
    July 28, 2013

    You had me at ‘open and free’ 😉

    • bestandworstofgermany
      July 29, 2013

      Glad to know that! Thats an honour. I hope one day to write the way you do. You are my idol in this area 😉

      • Expat Eye
        July 29, 2013

        Wow, thanks very much! That’s certainly perked me up on this chilly, cloudy, windy morning! Have a great day!

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