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No transparent clothes in Germany!

No, they are not forbidden. At least I do not know by now. In Germany you can never be sure. Because hundreds and hundreds of rules are lurking everywhere.

But you would feel uncomfortable with them. Nobody is wearing them.

This topic has been lurking in my head for a while and since it is the third heat wave this summer, I think it is about the right time to put in black on white.

It is not the hottest I have experienced in Germany. But it does not last long. (c) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use this picture and / or text with an active link to Bestandworstofgermany,

It is not the hottest I have experienced in Germany. But it does not last long. (c) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use this picture and / or text with an active link to Bestandworstofgermany,

Since I am from the North, it is not so very usual to have air conditioning systems in my home country. Yes, some premises do have them. And more and more often you can find it. But it is not something that a house can not be without.

Later, when I saw some world, I realised, that the fact that I am from the North does not mean that summers are hotter everywhere else. In fact, they are quite hot. So, living without AC is more like a way of thinking and not absence of real need.

The same like absence of heaters on the South of Spain. Or even absence of glass in windows in some really old buildings. And believe, it is really really cold to sleep in a room without heating or with no glass when it is December and temperatures fall down to 5 – 12° C.

I am from the North but believe me, as soon as outside temperature falls lower than 15° C I am seriously starting thinking to turn the heating system on.

So, one of the ways to survive the hottest days, weeks and even months in my home country always was to dress less. As little as possible.

I am from a very traditional family with very reserved views. But even my mom puts on a blouse with little holes in it. Which makes it slightly transparent.

Believe, she is the most decent woman who lives on earth. Very pure and very loyal. The least thing that would come to her mind is to dress that blouse with any other purpose than survive the heat.

Of course, when I used to pick what to wear, I also minded the way I would look. If not funny or ugly or too vulgar if dressed in too transparent clothes. But if clothes do not make any of these, in my background culture it is ok to wear transparent.

I had a picture for this topic, too. But I made it months ago and now I can not find it even after 2,5 days of searching and making all my random pics in full order! I will forward you to see one famous Lithuanian who is an actress and who is a typical Baltic beauty wearing transparent. Well not all the girls are wearing that transparent but some do. You better visit Lithuania one day and see with your own eyes.

But since the first day I was in Germany I felt very unfomfortable with any even very slightly transparent clothes. In the beginning I could not understand, why. Not that people would stare at me. As discussed earlier, it is not what is usual to happen in Germany. It is impolite to stare here.

I started to look around and noticed that even if women wear transparent clothes they always wear a non-transparable layer beneath. The top layer is nicely waving in the wind but you won’t see any body through it.

So, I bought some Trägertops and wear then beneath, too. Oh well, it does not help to fight heat anymore. Instead of one very thin layer I ended with two. And it is even hotter than before!

I have found a recipe of water melon mojito. There was an advice that it helps to stand hot days. But I am not very willing to go for it.


One comment on “No transparent clothes in Germany!

  1. nataliejo210
    August 2, 2013

    I love this article! Just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! Followed btw xx very interesting

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