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How being able to speak more German does not make it easier as expected

Today I had a very nice Nachmittag with a friend of mine. She is German. And yes, you can have friends in Germany, contrary to what people said when they found out I was about to move to Germany. And yes, they can be Germans, your friends.

That kind of time when you open your hearts. A little bit. Like windows, for some fresh air. But only a little and for a very short time, like in winter. That no too much cold and wind comes in. Just in case.

Anyway, I suddenly realised that I can say a thought in two different ways in German. Wow, I thought. I checked in my mind. Yes, both correct and yes, it is a fact.

But instead of being too excited, I found myself thinking that is rather complicated. Because now I think which way is more correct to use.


This dilemma does not happen in my mothers tongue. Even when I can say the same thing in ten ways.


2 comments on “How being able to speak more German does not make it easier as expected

  1. From Casinos to Castles
    August 7, 2013

    What was it that you could say 2 ways?

  2. bestandworstofgermany
    August 21, 2013

    Es gibt keine Verbindung. And… what is the second one??? I forgot!!! But I had two, I swear! 😀

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