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5 ways to annoy a German

#5 and #4 are applicable for Germans in the USA or at least outside Germany. You can read it on the original post here.
#3: Bring up Hitler, Nazis and the World Wars
Germans are taught to take anything Third Reich related very seriously. Whenever Nazis are brought up in Germany it usually is in a historical context that will lead to serious discussions. Therefore whenever Americans bring it up in joking matter it will make every German cringe.#2: Mention Sauerkraut and Bratwurst a lot in conversation
Yes, Germans like sauerkraut and brats, but just because we eat that stuff, doesn’t mean we want to talk about it 24/7. When I look at a vending machine trying to find a candy bar, I don’t need snipe comments that I won’t find any sauerkraut in there.

#1: Proclaim “German’s love David Hasselhoff.”
Yes, there was a time when The Hoff had a few hits in the Old Country. He sang “I’ve been looking for Freedom” during German Reunification. It fit at the time. If Germans had know that they’d be hassled about that for decades to come they would have gladly refused David’s visa. Now we are stuck with a dark musical past and would like to move on, but you Americans won’t let us. I looked it up on Youtube just to see how bad it really was, and it was even worse then I remember. So if you really want to annoy a German bring it up, but don’t say I didn’t warn you if you get a German evil stare.


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