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VERY GOOD: people give you way, do not push and drag you in Germany

Today I was stepping out of the elevator and two people outside were trying to get it. The problem was that elevator door is for one person and the two were trying to get in at the same time I was trying to get out.

I was so shocked to be left with no space that I had to bark on them, something like, can I get my way out?!?!?!?

This would never ever happen in Germany, no way. I can not imagine it. Even if two cars meet at the crossroad and one of them is taking the road to go the first, it would be considered rude if it does not wait a few seconds longer in a silent conversation with another driver:

– You go first.

– No, you go first.

One sunny evening on a very busy pedestrial shopping street even the police was shouting “Polizei, polizei!” while trying to catch thieves on their bikes. Being on duty in the middle of the action does not mean it is a permission to even touch anybody not involved.

It looked very funny by the way.


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