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{Enter title here}, I really could not come up with one which would not sound sexist

I decided it is the right time to come back to some of the things I liked since I was a child. I am considering joining a choir. If I were a child, I would just go to the nearest choir and that is it.

But now I am an adult with a project management skills. So I searched amateur choirs in the area and scheduled a row of events where I can see, hear what they do, what styles are, the level of professionalism, maybe mitsingen together. Then pick two best matches and check their schedules. And join the one that I can afford to attend in terms of time.

So I did go to an event of one of them. I just entered an open event, found an empty seat and waited for it to start. Soon I found out I will have a chance to sing myself with them too. A bit later I realised that I accidentally joined the sopranos area. And I was supposed to sing very high notes.

And I was always, ALWAYS an alt!!! And more, my voice used to be so low that I was also singing together with the basses when it was their turn to reherse. And I was used that men basses sit or stand behind women altos.

But my previous choir manager was telling me to stop cause she said I was making my voice even lower when it was alredy very low. Sometimes it was not easy to sing top notes of even alt lead.

It was like me trying to become a man by doing it. And it was so clear to me, to her and to others that it is something not right to do. And I stopped.

Today it did not come to my mind that people are sitting by voices becauses there were women among tenors and one was even among basses!!!!

Picture from footbal club Teutonia,

Picture from footbal club Teutonia,

It is not only footbal that women play in Germany but also they sing as basses.


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