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1 year anniversary

I feels like I have just started this blog and I did not have time to look around and tataaaaam, one year since my first post!

(c) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use this picture and /or text with an active link to

(c) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use this picture and /or text with an active link to

Like all anniversaries, they make us look back and see if anything happened during this time.

First, I realised I am not one of a kind like Tarzan of the Apes, that there are are also other people who somehow ended up in Germany and tried to survive and did it successfully.

I started this blog thinking I would be helping people to jump over some of the German spikes instead of stepping on them because I already did. But I ended up following a lot of other expat blogs who are helping me! The biggest help is to see that others experience the same kind of things.

I also was hoping to be writing once a day. Faaaaaar from this. I swear I did this in my head!!!!! Not in the blog though. Let’s not talk why. Let’s just write off to such a boring explanation as lack of time. Let’s be ordinary here, alright?

I have also understood that the traffic does not jus happen to my blog. If traffic is wanted it is not enough to write. The more I moved a finger to post a link anywhere, the more traffic I got. I am not very active to chase after it.

During one year somehow I get a stable daily traffic to the blog anyway, even if I do not do any marketing or even if I do not write. But it is small. But very pleasing.

I also noticed that in many times if somebody discovers my blog, they stay a long time and read many of my posts. Not jus leave after 0,02 sec. Do I really know to write? Maybe. Thats kind of flaterring.

What else? I also discovered the whole new word of other blogs, on wordpress or elsewhere. I must say often when I want to see what the world is up, I prefer reading the new posts of people I follow rather than some popular news portal.

It is much much more interesting to read how one creative mother has made a creative sensory bin for her kids rather than some student was raped and her body found under the bridge somewhere in Mahnheim.

I also have to mention that during this year I got one award. One of the conditions of it includes that I also give it to other my selected blogs, and this will follow shortly.

I have also noticed that there are some topics about which I want to write but it is not easy to put it in such a way that I would be happy with what I say with how I will look declaring it publicly. This makes me think more about me myself and know me more. And better.

I have also noticed that some of the shortest post that have come up without any effort or preparation have been some of the most popular ones. Also the ones which required most of the time to write and collect the pictures were also some of the most valued.

But many of those which required much more preparation than just documenting a few sentences heard in the street, were just an average posts.

But the more I want to prepare a post for being complete to publish, and the more expectations I have I normally end up in a too lengthy process of collecting the original pictures. And then I end up with forgetting a post in the drafts not completed without having interest to finish it.

So most likely in the next year you will get another sixty or so very average posts.

(c) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use this picture and /or text with an active link to

(c) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use this picture and /or text with an active link to

7 comments on “1 year anniversary

  1. Expat Eye
    November 2, 2013

    Keep it up! You’re doing great! 🙂

  2. gillandrews
    November 3, 2013

    Aw, happy happy birthday to your blog! 🙂 May there be many more to come!
    Also a very nice summary of your first year. I’m sure there are lots of things others can relate to. Like, you write a quick post in 15 minutes and it gets many hits and likes, and then you spend half a day preparing another one, and nobody wants to read it 😀 Happens to me all the time, but unfortunately I seem genetically incapable to make the long story short (and this comment is a fresh evidence to it) 🙂

    • bestandworstofgermany
      November 3, 2013

      Thanks! It just came to my head that like a baby girl is already being born with a particular number of eggs in her ovaries that her body will use during her lifetime, maybe you are simply being born with a bigger number of words 😉 A gift from god many would die for! 😉

      • gillandrews
        November 3, 2013

        Hahaha… In that case the number of eggs seems to be endless 😀

      • bestandworstofgermany
        November 3, 2013

        Thats correct! A number of eggs a woman is being born with is somewhat tens of thousands but obviously none has so many kids hahahahahaha.

  3. BN AN :D
    November 5, 2013

    1000 Mabruk 😀

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