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PERRRFECT: spring comes earlier to Germany!

There is no such a thing as one truth. I wasted many of my very early youth years chasing the truth. I thought that if I dig deep enough there is The Truth I am going to discover and then the secrets of the world will reveal and I will understand everything. And I will always know since then what and who is wrong or right.

What I came up with years later was that there is no one single truth. That one sentence of truth I was looking for was that there are many truths and all are equally true.

Ask two persons who were involved in the same conflict. They are front line witnesses. Both will tell such different stories that you will think one was on the other side of earth then the other.

For one Indian guy who also shares his experiences to live in Germany, special German feature, according to him, is that German girls walk very fast. Of course, if you follow them, they walk faster and faster until they run!

So I know when I write it is just my humble opinion. My observations. My experiences. Which might be completely the opposite by another female of the same age living on the same street. It would be enough she would be from a different country.

For me, as I come from a country which is a little to the North from Germany, one very very good thing here is an early spring. Spring comes good six weeks earlier than in my home country. Having in mind that autumn comes a nice month later, we skip a total of 10 weeks of winter which makes it a huge advantage.

I was thinking why just a few hundred kilometers towards South makes it such a big difference. Two things. First, the weather here in NRW is being influenced by warm Gulf streams making it somehow similar to English weather. But much more sun than there which is very good.

Second, milder temperatures in winter time are enough for the soil not to freeze. It just becomes cool and plants stop growing but it does not freeze even when in some winters the temperature falls below 0°C. So at the first warm up in spring, the first few smiles from the sun and the soil is ready to grow, the plants and flowers come out.

(c) Best and worst of Germany. Spring flowers. You can use this picture and / or text with an active link to

(c) Best and worst of Germany. Spring flowers. You can use this picture and / or text with an active link to

Each year it comes as a quick however long awaited surprise. This year there were no minus temperatures in winter so the spring came in the middle of February being even two – three weeks earlier than usual!

And the first sign of it before the flowers was bids singing endless songs like in Spain.

So if you are considering when to come, and if you are travelling from Northern countries, and your body aches for sun, lungs for spring air, pick mid March (cause February is not always like that, no guarantee) or first part of April and your sould will sing all the way!


One comment on “PERRRFECT: spring comes earlier to Germany!

  1. Pat
    March 4, 2014

    Beautiful flowers are starting to peek through.. I have my flowers already planted.

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