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Some insights to German neighbors

This is not as a lovely car advertisement of a German car. That withstands some cute old lady craziness.

I am not German. But I live in Germany. So I do not need all this political correctness to explain you a true meaning between the lines.

If you look closely, the car has a yellow plate. Also, something in some non understandable language is supposedly Dutch. 

Fact is that Germans drive extremely calm and disciplined. It does not mean always slow if you know what I mean. And if you see a car driven by a jerk it always has yellow number plate. 

First time you think its a coincidence. But after many times you know it is not.

But in Germany no educated people will ever tell you this straight to your face. Even though in other situations they are very straight. Like they would never tell that Indian programming is a crap and or anything bad about Turks.

But I can.


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