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VERY BAD: the looks of people in Germany, comfortable but really bad

Another day I realised I have no idea how I looked at that moment.

Well, how can I know, I thought to myself, if I haven’t looked at the mirror.

When was the last time I looked at the mirror?

Long time ago I realised to myself with horror.

I have to say I hardly have any mirrors now where I live. But the real thing is that this is exactly the effect Germany has on you.

People really care the least how they look. The exceptions are so rare that it makes an absolute fact of life.


You can get out of your bed, leave your hair as you woke up, leave your pyjama on, jump into your old slippers and you will look normal in the street.

That is why I had a strange feeling of looking through the gallery of celebrities with and without make up. A lady in every second picture looks German.


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