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VERY BAD. Achilles heel of all Germans. Snow

Its snowflakes. Really.

Feet on the snow (C) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use the picture or the text or both with an active link to

Feet on the snow (C) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use the picture or the text or both with an active link to

Three items drop from the sky and the nation wide chaos begin. Mostly in the streets and highways, also airports and mainly in their heads.

I arrived to live to Germany in December. This winter was generous with snow, it was a real proper winter. The one you have to wear hat and gloves. Dig your car out of snow, etc.

There was an exibition in the bearby town of a world class painter. Taking advantage of such cultural events I was not gonna miss the opportunity to see it. So we got ready and went. At that time we were renting a top floor in the house where on the ground floor a German family was living.

When they saw us going out, they asked not to. We could not understand such a thing. Nobody can limit our freedom of movement! When they saw our determination to still go, the owner of the house, a very kind, intellingent and clever German man almost begged us to stay in the house. We had seen too little Germany in winter then so we still could not understand their reaction.

Then he started saying its a life threatening thing to go out in a car in such conditions. We lifted our eyebrows and left with my 4 wheel drive Japanese SUV.

It was a very nice exibition, absolutely worth going. The exibition was in Wuppertal, a very nice town on its own. And with all that snow it looked a Christmas fairytale.

On the way back we kind of started to get it. Cars in the highway were standing in one loooooooooong line and all lanes absolutely stuck. Not moving even an inch. It took us about two hours to reach the next exit to get out. We just set our GPS to avoid highways and enjoyed our beautiful ride towards home. Yes, minding snowy roads and the fact we were taking local roads rather than a highway, it took two hours instead of usual one.

We went home and were so happy we did what we did. On the way back we also were lucky to pass a little Rattingen town which was another fairy tale chapter on its own with Christmas lights and beautiful atmosphere.

We still did not understand fully at this point. Next day we heard on the radio that the cars on the highway were stuck during the whole night! And rescuers delivered blankets and hot tea with helicopters!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it was the point when we started to understand.

It is not weather conditions that make it dangerous. Its lack of skill and understanding of people how to behave when a few snowflakes fall from the sky. And its beautiful if you have the right mindset. Sorry Germans, had to say that.


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