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Germans are not Nazis

Now seriously. Last week I received a another movie DVD. This time was The boy in striped pyjamas. I use LoveFilm DVD per post service from Amazon and I can highly recommend it. Not like Amazon Prime by the way. I am so happy LoveFilm  is available in Germany. It helps me cover the holes in my cinema education successfully.

I wanted to watch it with kids but we wondered why a movie carrying such a childish name was for 12+ audience only. Only when I started watching it I understood. And the ending was too much even for 30+.

I never heard it being spoken of Holocaust during my 5 years of life in Germany. Mentioning Hitler is highly inappropriate here and nobody does that in in the circles 10+ and also among Germans.Veisaite These are the topics you do not know how to address and speak here.

What is clear and you sort of feel it in the air unspoken that Germans do carry a World War stigma and all what relates to it.

There is just no right way to speak about it once here. At least I haven´t figured it out yet.

The lady in the picture has survived holocaust. She lost her whole family but was saved by a Lithuanian family.

Irena Veisaite is a professor in Lithuanian Education University and teaches… German literature. When asked in the interview how she can do that after what happened to her and her family she said that Germans are not Nazis.

I am so thankful her interview made me able to write about the topic, iven though from far and in circles.


2 comments on “Germans are not Nazis

  1. Charlotte Steggz
    January 24, 2015

    I think even more so, in movies there needs to be less Germans = Nazis. Bond movies, super hero movies… all the time the ultimate evil guys are Nazis. Come on, let’s move on now, eh?

    • vidavidav
      January 24, 2015

      Nazis were bad guys. German does not equal a Nazi. I think the trick these movies played in people minds in that Nazis speak and look typical German. Then seeing a native German speaking and German like looking guy the brain wants to think he is a Nazi. Its not that in real life. There differences between movies and real life.

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