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They did not know about gas chambers

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Germans do carry WWII trauma and never speak or joke about Hitler.

One of very surprising things I found out while visiting a Hitler villa which is museum now near Munich was that he was democratically elected! I think the quilt complex underlying German people trauma is How could you freely support him when he did all these things??? I had the same question in mind for many years. The clear answer came to me this morning. When I saw this gallery. Thank you Ilzė Butkutė for sharing it.

Laszlo Bernath survived Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. He was 15 when they were taken and he is still alive. The picture was taken in January 2015. Even whilst in the camp, Bernath had no idea about the gas chambers.

The movie The boy in striped pyjamas also implies the secret was sworn to death and known in very close circle of high Nazi officials. Watch the excerpt from the movie, the episode when the wife of concentration camp boss finds out about people demolition machine from 3:10.

I am so happy I found my answer to this very difficult question. My faith in humanity is restored again.


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