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A reason why German ladies are not so beautiful

Guess, is it a woman or a man? (C) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use this text and picture with an active link to

Guess, is it a woman or a man? (C) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use this text and picture with an active link to

Once a young lady who had lived for eight years in Germany and was working in a typical German environment, told me, that German ladies revealed her that they hate Eastern European girls because they are too beautiful and steal their German guys.

It is quite common that you see a couple here where a German looking man is walking with a non German looking lady, appearantly his wife. For the sake of truth, in many cases they are not Eastern Europeans only, in many cases they look more Filipinos.

As someone who arrived from Eastern Europe I have noticed the same. That German ladies, sadly, lose the score against Eastern Europeans. On the other hand they do not seem to worry at all.

But it was very interesting to find out why the difference can be so big. Much bigger than the number of kilometers separating cultures that differ so greately on this particular aspect.

I was reading an article on history and I found an idea which might give rather a rational explanation to this phenomenon. I trust this idea as it is not the first time I find it in historical articles and books.

During World War II when Russian army was leaving their country to fight in foreign fronts, Russian soldiers were instructed to rape German women. To humiliate then personally and make their nation not pure. As we know, it was a time when Hitler was playing big time on his people feelings on the topic of pure race.

When you know you are being after by an enemy, would you do something to attract a bad attention? What if you are raped by the enemy? Feeling completely humiliated, the family and the rest of society not only do not provide you help and care and support to come back to yourself, but reject you as you became their predator and shame.

The culture I am from not getting a man is like having a label “something is wrong with you as a woman”. Therefore Eastern European girls might not have money for the roof and food but will get it to get cosmetics. As being beautiful means getting a man. Which means being accepted into society as a valuable member.

In German culture looking too nice just about three generations back meant being raped by an enemy and excluded from the society. Meaning social death and very serious life lasting trauma. I am sure this, as a question of life or death, was passed from grandmothers to their daughters, from mothers to the granddaughters. Who now make the majority of ladies walking down the street today.

Theres always a reason if you dig deep enough.


28 comments on “A reason why German ladies are not so beautiful

  1. LaptopsandLederhosen
    January 31, 2015

    I married a Ukrainian, thank you very much!

    • vidavidav
      January 31, 2015

      Oh they are even better than what I had in mind. I am sure she looks stunning and takes a very good care of herself. I also hope she is the sweetest, hottest, most caring and loving wife to you!

      • LaptopsandLederhosen
        January 31, 2015

        Thanks, she is, she does. And she has a Master’s Degree!

      • vidavidav
        January 31, 2015

        You sound like a very lucky man! Cherish her 😉

  2. Beatrice Rebecca
    February 14, 2015

    I know a lot of good looking German ladies and there are a lot of German women married to men of other origin and cultures. You have to do better research or it is just prejudice?!

    • vidavidav
      February 15, 2015

      I know very few good looking German women. I do not need to google to know what I see and feel. To be very honest, I even think that Heidi Klum is hesslich (just cause you asked 😉 😀 ) . But I am open to new ways of interpreting things. Just to prove it I got used here in Germany to walk with these pig eyes myself (no make up or permanent dye on eyelashes) and even feel comfortable hahahahahahahahahahaha

      • Roddie
        June 3, 2016

        I think it depends what you like in a woman. Also there are differences in german women… german women from the north look on average different than thise in the south or in the west. Im into german, dutch and scandinavian (specially danish) women, guess I just find attractive the typical germanic features such as tall , long blonde hair (eastern europeans have nore dark blonde/mouse color) and the straight noses of tall blonde beauties in those nations. Slavic women can be pretty but for the most part I dont find them as exciting, with the exception of czech women , who by the way look sort of stereotypically german quite often compared to other slavics.

      • Alan Wilcox
        July 31, 2016

        are there any babes with pretty faces like kim basinger or prettier faces like Veronica lake or not that beautiful and i once visited Germany for 2 weeks and i did not see any beautiful ladies with beautiful faces or beautiful ladies that were tall over 6 feet tall amazons

  3. Fruchtenstein
    March 7, 2015

    > Russian soldiers were instructed to rape German women
    Any prooflinks, by chance? From what I know, the rapists were sentenced to death by the Soviet court martial.

      • Fruchtenstein
        March 10, 2015

        Sorry, there are no traces of any orders or instructions in the article. The facts of the rape are actually well established, though the estimated figures vary withing two orders of magnitude, but the direct orders have never been found, AFAIK. Moreover, there’s a whole bunch of Soviet papers criminalizing the mistreatment of the civil German population (available in Russian here:

        Compare with the Nazi `Erlass über die Ausübung der Kriegsgerichtsbarkeit im Gebiet „Barbarossa“’: “Es besteht kein Verfolgungszwang gegen den Wehrmachtsangehörigen, selbst wenn es sich um ein militärisches Verbrechen handelt.”


  4. Kno
    June 4, 2015

    i think the german men are with Brazilians more than Phillipinos

  5. Yani
    August 19, 2015

    Correction…Filipinos not Phillipinos. peace.

  6. Rahul Kachru
    August 23, 2015

    I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a beautiful thing can be ugly to someone and vice versa , in my opinion every women is beautiful in their own way.

  7. Umesh Singh
    March 19, 2016

    Unlike women in most countries, German women are extremely well-educated and intelligent. I found most German women reasonably attractive. Just like other women, they’re attracted to men who are comfortable in their skin and in complete control of their life.

    • rico
      December 21, 2016

      Just like other women with the exception of Asian women, especially the Indian women, who aren’t even comfortable in their own skin colour, not to talk of in the others.

  8. fghjb
    June 12, 2016

    Your Picture is very ugly! German women look like better than you!

  9. Mohamed
    July 7, 2016

    woman beauty is in her heart and soul and if she was able to make someone loves her she will be the most and only beautiful woman in his eyes

  10. Alex
    December 12, 2016

    I agree with author that most of German women are ugly. But I think that the reason is not Russian Army, but medieval european tradition to burn pretty women as witches.
    I think also, that average German girl is not so good looking because she has no idea of what hair/skin care is..

    • rico
      December 21, 2016

      Makes sense: the witch part.

    • Polina
      December 17, 2017

      Most of the Russian women apply rhinoplasty to look better becouse their noses are quite big or long , Germans have beautiful accurate faces

  11. v
    March 26, 2017

    Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?

    There isn’t THE German woman, just as much as there isn’t THE Eastern European woman. How much has a 20 year old trendy and well-kept girl from Moscow in common with a 60 year old who might have had a hard life, or, as not so uncommon in rural areas of the former Soviet Union, a severe alcohol addiction?

    Many Germans take care of buying sustainable products and fabrics, and ensure their shoes are of quality. Store such as Primark are strongly debated about. The same accounts for heavy make-up. Only lately some of the very young women have discovered US-Style make-up for themselves. Fresh skin, healthy-looking hair and a happy face are often preferred over here.

    In any case: every person should have the freedom to decide what to wear and how to look.

  12. Ken Research
    December 21, 2017

    Improved economic performance will positively impact the Make-Up market in Germany. Eye Make-Up is the leading value category in the overall Make-Up market in 2015 while the Nail Make-Up category is forecast to register fastest growth in value terms during 2015-2020. German consumers prefer Make-Up products that are time saving and combine multiple benefits. Products such as easy-to-apply Lip Gloss or Lipstick, hybrid Face Make-Up products that also protect from UV radiation, and hydrate and nourish skin have gained popularity.

  13. Polina
    February 27, 2018

    It looks like you approve the only comments that do not resonate with your opinion … a very narrow mentality

    • vidavidav
      March 9, 2018

      That is the most funny comment I ever received. Thanks, made my day!

      • Polina
        March 10, 2018

        You are not beautiful to criticise others people look , especially in the country that accepted you , German women are beautiful and very intelligent … can’t say the same about you.

  14. Donar
    May 19, 2018

    Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man…

    … Racist…

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