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You think you have money but you actually don’t!


Germans love creating rules and putting them into life. Like there is an American dream, a German dream is to create a new rule and witness people living by it. I really can not think of a higher achievement for a German.

Not even money.

Speaking about money brown coins do not count as money here at all. Yes, it is right what you learned in school. That a euro can be exchanged to many cents and it will still be a euro. Not in Germany!

Most of the sales machines do not take brown coins. You can’t use euro cents to pay for your ticket in the bus.

Once the driver told me to go down the bus and ask other passangers to exchange a big banknote as he could not accept neither some of my coins nor my banknote!

Even my little kid now gets offended when someone is trying to give him not the real money!

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