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Harald Glööckler, a very weird German designer

Despite that Germany has no fashion whatsoever, at least they got one fashion designer.

The source of the picture is identified on the picture. Feel free to use the text with an active link to

No, I am not joking, that is him.

His pieces look exactly the same as him.

He creates sportswear with big golden crowns to be worn at home. Or visiting. Depending on the taste of a customer.

I got a bath robe from him. Which is pleasant to wear but that piece of cloth you do not brag about to your friends. Rather hide it when the door bell rings.

You can find his haut couture pieces starting from Teddy shops. No, I am not joking. He is selling under the brand name Pampöös.

Pampoos Pampoeoes Haralg Glockler Gloeckler Jacke Jacket Blaser BestAndWorstOfGermany

If you want to make a successful business in Germany you should wear that kind of business attire. Now I am joking.

In short, he is the designer for old fat princesses at heart.


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