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The call to all the German people

As I wrote before nobody speaks about Hitler here in Germany. It is very much surreal to avoid the topic at the heart where it all happened.

It seems that current generation of Germans have some kind of an unprocessed trauma thats why.

I am highly interested in childhood traumas now so I was astonished by the video I found today on one of mz followed youtube channels. It is a recorded speach of the Hitler with imaginary footage. For all German speaking people here I repeat, please do not be confused, it is not a translation of his actual speach, it is a phantasy words that were added onto the original video material.

The person who added the footage is actually a psychic health professions specialising in childhood trauma. The more I watched the video the more it made sense to me.

So today I call out to all my German friends and suggest this. If you can´t talk about Adolf Hitler, talk about your childhood. How did you feel as a child? How did that affect the way you are an adult today? Do you have your unresolved childhood traumas?

Were you nurtured and loved and cared for? Or did somebody hurt you when you were small and innocent? Did anybody abused you, neglected you or left you?

This topic is actually even better. It makes sure we avoid tragedies to repeat in the future.


One comment on “The call to all the German people

  1. Andreas Moser
    May 17, 2015

    I completely disagree with your premise already. There is lots of talk and discussion about the Nazis, including but not limited to Hitler (and such a single-person focus would indeed be a simplification of a complex historical period).

    If you get any quality paper or magazine (SPIEGEL, SZ, FAZ, ZEIT), you will find plenty of articles about this era in every (!) issue. Turn on the documentary channels like N24, n-tv, ARTE or PHOENIX, and you will find something every (!) evening.

    When I lived in Germany, I always had conversations and discussions about this subject with family, friends, colleagues and strangers. I do however admit that I hung out in more intellectual circles than could be described average, so this might be different among football players for example.

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