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How to cope with Deutsche Bahn strikes

I am sharing this as it includes vital links to public transportation information system online. Whenever strike or not these links are a must to have for those getting around with public transportation!

Picture from Wickimedia Commons

Picture from Wickimedia Commons

A Vegetarian in Germany

With Deutsche Bahn striking so often these days, some students at work sent out some helpful links for determining whether your train is actually running. I’m posting the links here, along with their notes.

This is the traditional search tool, which lists all scheduled trains, including ones that are cancelled (due to strikes, accidents, or for any other reason):

This is the “live search” tool, which lists only those trains that are actually running. It’s supposed to be accurate for around 12 hours into the future:

This is the live map tool, which shows actually running trains and their estimated position and delay as a Google maps overlay:

All three tools are also part of DB apps for iPhone and Android.

This (German) page says when they expect to know the actual schedule for the
strike days:

These links should be accurate enough for the strike but be careful, last week…

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