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Sea-buckthorn juice tastes horrible in Germany!

When I noticed myself keeping noticing sea-buckthorn juice in the shop for the third time, I knew its time to buy it.

I trust body instincts and that body knows the best what it needs.

Is sea-buckthorn how people really call it ųn English btw?

I asked myself on the way home what past experiences attracted me to it? I don’t remember drinking this juice for decades!

And then I suddenly remembered… heavenly taste of sea-buckthorn juice when I was small… Could not wait to try it again!

Poured in a very nice glass. Yack!!! This was horrible!!! It tasted thick and bitter and just horrible!

It used to be sweet and taste very good with this very very suave teint of bitter.

These Germans! They robbed me my childhood!


One comment on “Sea-buckthorn juice tastes horrible in Germany!

  1. somewonderland
    May 22, 2015

    🙂 tirštos ir rūgščios jos ir turi būti, jei natūralios. saldus ir normalios konsistencijos jau tik nektaras

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