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Sleeping with the Germans

The smart girl with a very sharp tongue has already covered a topic I wanted to write about. OK, I must admit, she did it probably much better than I would have done.

I just want to add than since I moved to Germany with my own very good double blanket, it was extreemly painful to get the covers. Because everywhere you go in Germany the covers are for single blankets.

Let me share the secret that you can get them only in TK Maxx and they are very expensive there! Another place to look for if you need is Ikea. And there they have a few nice designs and a way more affordable price than TK Maxx.

Otherwise do not waist your time trying to get your double bed sheets in Germany! Such thing almost does not exist here. As explained in the reblogged post.

Have fun readin´!

Expat Eye on Germany

Contrary to popular belief, Germany (unfortunately) isn’t all about the Nippel-twisting and Arsch-licking, so when I say sleeping, I actually mean, sleeping. Sorry to disappoint but it’s not my fault your mind went where it did on reading the headline. (Dirty bugger.)

As with most things, sleeping in Germany is a serious business. Don’t be surprised if, when you go back to your new lover’s place and are passionately shedding your smalls as you smooch your way towards the bedroom, you are faced with a bit of a surprise when you get there. You see, practicality trumps romance in a German bedroom. Sure, he’s got a double bed, but you won’t be snuggling up under a double duvet after the main event.

NEIN, this could lead to all sorts of chaotic behaviour. One of you might get more of the duvet than the other, or God forbid, take the opportunity to dice with…

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