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They put no sugar in sweets in Germany!

BestAndWorstOfGermany (C) Picture taken in Greece. You can use the picture or the text with an active link to

BestAndWorstOfGermany (C) Picture taken in Greece. You can use the picture or the text with an active link to

For a sugar addict like me my first years in Germany were full of disappointments.

All the cakes, muffins, puddings, especially puddings! had no taste for me. Whenever I was drooling with a piece of a juicy cake with coffee in front of my eyes rushing to get this enormous first bite huuuuuge disappointment came. You see a cake and it tastes just like some strange porridge! Puddings are especially bad cause they taste like soap here. How can they even be eaten as deserts after all?!

I am sure it is because it satisfies the usual taste for a typical German. Or maybe some laws are involved? Anybody here a lawyer or a food industry professional?BAWOG sweets with no taste

When I was completing my MBA I was writing my work on intercultural differences. I remember, that Coca-Cola has different amount of sugar in their drink. I am not such a fan of coke so that I could distinguish if it contains less sugar here in Germany but I would not be surprised. Anybody here with the knowledge?

I have tried some Turkish delights but more in Turkey than here. Or from Turkey. They were too sweet for me. Even for somebody like me it was too much and I could not eat some of them even with tea. And who knows me, they know that I leave anise only.

Anise, called Lakritz here deserves a special chapter here. It is sold everywhere. Contrary to what I am used to, it is black here. I can not tolerate even one bite of it! And it is everywhere here! So be careful when picking sweets in Germany. If you are not sure if you like anise or if you are picking a small sweet gift for someone, better avoid any really black sweets regardless of their shape. Unless you are 100% sure that people like it. It is darker than dark chocolate so it is easy to distinguish.

Anise or Lakritz in German. Photo from Wickimedia Commons. You have been warn!

In short, not a good country for sweet lovers. It is the second time when I think god had his own good reasons to take me to Germany even though it was the last place I would have picked for myself.


3 comments on “They put no sugar in sweets in Germany!

  1. Andreas Moser
    July 4, 2015

    It sometimes seems like you live in a different Germany than the rest of us.

    Have you tried Schwarzwälderkirschtorte? Sachertorte?
    We even eat sweet stuff like Kaiserschmarrn for lunch.
    Children grow up with Nutella.
    You can get Milka, Ritter Sport and a dozen other chocolates everywhere.

    • vidavidav
      July 5, 2015

      You are right, theres for sure Nutella and the same good old snickers & co which are for sure sweet things and very sweet. What I meant was more cakes and pastries. They are unusually not sweet enough per my taste. To what I am used to. Well, each of us is a different planet anyway. You should keep in mind I am a sugar addict 😉

  2. edita
    November 5, 2015

    I agree with vidavidav. The is no sweets in Germany other than chocolate and candies. I’m sick of chocolate and don’t like candies because either they are not delicious or not sweet enough. But cakes and other bakery deserts well that’s a completley different story. I’m so desperate for good cake, pie or nice sweet bun or pastry, that I have to bake myself because the shops do not have any. Mind you I’m not that good at baking desserts but I try baking pies, muffins, tortes, ginger cookies etc. I’m a sugar addict too. I went to a Tesco supermaket in Czech Republik and allelujah (!) they had cakes and sweet buns. Oh I enjoyed it so much!
    P. S. Germany sucks in food and desserts…

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