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VERY GOOD: Weleda shower cream Wildrose

I am not a beauty blogger but some products are just too good to not write about.

I was familiar with Weleda production even when I did not yet live in Germany. And a few other products I tested were really good and served the purpose very well. However when I was passing by a shelf with products for the shower, I used to ignore Weleda products for quite a long time because I considered them overpriced.

But Weleda Verwöhnduschgel Wildrose has landed in my house because… I got it as a gift! Off topic, but in Germany it is very popular to give such every day products as shower gels and even deodorants as gifts. There is no wonder why especially before public holidays you would see some of them packed as gifts sold everywhere. They are actually been given as gifts!

Anyway, so I tried this specific product myself. I have to say, it was perfect. Regardless, that it had a totally unexpected consistency, it was just perfectly suited to be a shower gel. It is made for a skin that is more dry which is mine in cold season. So it was a perfect match. I was surprised to get a shower gel as a gift but I was even more surprised how well it would work.

It is very creamy but you would not feel like you would rub yourself into some fat, not at all! It has a perfect scent that is very pleasant but not chemical. I am one of those people who can faint in the shopping center between the washing powder aisles. And I am very sensitive to scent anyway.


Weleda Wildrose Verwöhndusche (C) BestAndWorstOfGermany. You can use the picture and / or the text from this blog with an active link to

It was a very pleasant feeling to experience it on the skin. The look of it in my hand was a bit more strange but the overall experience was so good that I was dreading the moment it would end. It was not too thick, not too liquid, just the right consistency. I do not know how they make it but it took me much longer to consume it to the end to compare to other products. And the size of the bottle was average, usual for shower creams.

Like all Weleda products, it is biological which is another point of high importance to me.

And in the very last moment I noticed on the package that it was actually made not in Germany but in Switzerland! Well, that explain the price. I was so sure it was German, that it is even embarassing to admit I was wrong. Anyway, it is a very high quality product and it was really woth writing the whole page about it.


3 comments on “VERY GOOD: Weleda shower cream Wildrose

  1. beerandbratwurst
    January 8, 2017

    OMG try their Skinfood. SOOO good. The only thing that keeps my skin hydrated, without breaking it out on planes. I love it! A bit thick, but rubbing it between your hands thins it, and it soaks in quickly.

    • vidavidav
      January 8, 2017

      Oh thanks for recommending. Skinfood, sounds good 🙂 Yes the air in planes is very dry. I have heard some people are bleeding from their noses because of that. So next time my cream is over I will for sure try Skinfood. Thanks again.

  2. Charlotte Steggz
    January 21, 2017

    My dad swears by the Waleda shaving balm!

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