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Germany : Brazil – 7 : 1 from the other side

If you are looking for the details how the game went and who scored the goals, etc. any factual details, please save your time by looking elsewhere. This is also … Continue reading

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{Enter title here}, I really could not come up with one which would not sound sexist

I decided it is the right time to come back to some of the things I liked since I was a child. I am considering joining a choir. If I … Continue reading

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SIMPLY GREAT: early spring in the beginning of March

What I always admired about Germany, even long time before I moved here is early spring. I mean real spring. When snow is long gone as if it never existed, … Continue reading

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VERY VERY VERY GOOD: facilities for your kids to learn play football

Everyday when I have anything to do with football (and I do, my both kids are members of football club) I can not stop wondering how good are the facilities … Continue reading

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