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Sea-buckthorn juice tastes horrible in Germany!

When I noticed myself keeping noticing sea-buckthorn juice in the shop for the third time, I knew its time to buy it. I trust body instincts and that body knows … Continue reading

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How to cope with Deutsche Bahn strikes

Originally posted on A Vegetarian in Germany:
With Deutsche Bahn striking so often these days, some students at work sent out some helpful links for determining whether your train is actually…

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A good story to discuss in a party. If you can read German!

Yesterday in my German class we received a story to read and the task is to pick your most favorite and most disgusting character. Which one is your favorite and … Continue reading

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These strange people… Germans

Germans are strange people who wear scarves in summer but not in winter! I must admit, it is a rare type of accessory that they are using really well to … Continue reading

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Gegužės 8-tai atminti

Originally posted on Keverzonės kreida ant grindinio:
Ko gero, mums tas Antrasis Pasaulinis karas prasidėjo metais anksčiau nei Lenkijai, kaip ir suomiams, austrams ar čekams ta pradžia yra 1938-ieji.…

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The call to all the German people

As I wrote before nobody speaks about Hitler here in Germany. It is very much surreal to avoid the topic at the heart where it all happened. It seems that … Continue reading

April 21, 2015 · 1 Comment

Harald Glööckler, a very weird German designer

Despite that Germany has no fashion whatsoever, at least they got one fashion designer. The source of the picture is identified on the picture. Feel free to use the text … Continue reading

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