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Very good: NINA

That is not the most popular female name in Germany. It is actually an app for citizen safety. It is highly recomended to download into your cell phone if you … Continue reading

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Hours in Germany

Only in #Germany a night event starts at 3 pm and ends at 10 pm.

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VERY GOOD: Weleda shower cream Wildrose

I am not a beauty blogger but some products are just too good to not write about. I was familiar with Weleda production even when I did not yet live … Continue reading

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German systems

Germans have a very engineer way of thinking. They are passionate about squeezing all the processes to systems. This is usually a typical result. Its almost never possible to use … Continue reading

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Service hotline in Germany

Really? Really. That is a typical reality living in Germany. This is a printscreen from a public institution. In case you can’t understand any German at all it says from … Continue reading

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Kurwa in Germany

One day you wake up. And all you hear is: Kurwa! Kurwa! Kurwa! Kurwa! Be assured, it is a new construction site in your near neighborhood. This is gonna be … Continue reading

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Endless rules in Germany

Once you move to Germany you start getting a constant feedback, that you unintentionally broke some rule. Again. Rule you had no idea about. And could not even imagine they … Continue reading

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Germans eat strange things

More on the topic what Germans eat. They eat cheese with jam! I tried it too. The problem is, it tastes good!

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Situation with refugees in West Germany. First hand experience

When the panic of refugee crowds was spread on the media, I thought it was time to act like a big girl. By accident I noticed a refugee bureau weeks … Continue reading

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