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German systems

Germans have a very engineer way of thinking. They are passionate about squeezing all the processes to systems. This is usually a typical result. Its almost never possible to use … Continue reading

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Service hotline in Germany

Really? Really. That is a typical reality living in Germany. This is a printscreen from a public institution. In case you can’t understand any German at all it says from … Continue reading

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Kurwa in Germany

One day you wake up. And all you hear is: Kurwa! Kurwa! Kurwa! Kurwa! Be assured, it is a new construction site in your near neighborhood. This is gonna be … Continue reading

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Endless rules in Germany

Once you move to Germany you start getting a constant feedback, that you unintentionally broke some rule. Again. Rule you had no idea about. And could not even imagine they … Continue reading

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Germans eat strange things

More on the topic what Germans eat. They eat cheese with jam! I tried it too. The problem is, it tastes good!

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Situation with refugees in West Germany. First hand experience

When the panic of refugee crowds was spread on the media, I thought it was time to act like a big girl. By accident I noticed a refugee bureau weeks … Continue reading

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VERY BAD. Reputation of people from Romania in Germany

I have this T-shirt. I received it as a gift while in Romania. I was going to my friends place another day. I was wearing this T-shirt. On my way … Continue reading

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