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VERY BAD. Achilles heel of all Germans. Snow

Its snowflakes. Really. Three items drop from the sky and the nation wide chaos begin. Mostly in the streets and highways, also airports and mainly in their heads. I arrived … Continue reading

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What you should know before ordering coffee in Germany

This simple picture has a few messages in it. Let me be the postman and deliver them to you readily digested if you do not mind. In many countries where … Continue reading

December 22, 2014 · 8 Comments

VERY BAD: the looks of people in Germany, comfortable but really bad

Another day I realised I have no idea how I looked at that moment. Well, how can I know, I thought to myself, if I haven’t looked at the mirror. … Continue reading

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Germany : Brazil – 7 : 1 from the other side

If you are looking for the details how the game went and who scored the goals, etc. any factual details, please save your time by looking elsewhere. This is also … Continue reading

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How to survive and fully enjoy carnival in Germany

It is a long carnival weekend in Germany and most cities, towns and even villages of NRW are busy with carnival processions. It is definitelly one of the things to … Continue reading

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Avoid Germany in November

17:00. Dark. Germany. If you can, avoid Germany in November. You hardly find candles on the 1st of November even in cemeteries! Avoid visiting Germany in November. Avoid as hard … Continue reading

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JUST GREAT: Sun in the end of September

What I really like about living in Germany is warmth and sun in September. Sure, it does not reach +40, which is rare anyway but happens recently thanks to global … Continue reading

October 3, 2013 · 1 Comment