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How to cope with Deutsche Bahn strikes

Originally posted on A Vegetarian in Germany:
With Deutsche Bahn striking so often these days, some students at work sent out some helpful links for determining whether your train is actually…

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VERY BAD. Achilles heel of all Germans. Snow

Its snowflakes. Really. Three items drop from the sky and the nation wide chaos begin. Mostly in the streets and highways, also airports and mainly in their heads. I arrived … Continue reading

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Some insights to German neighbors

This is not as a lovely car advertisement of a German car. That withstands some cute old lady craziness. I am not German. But I live in Germany. So I … Continue reading

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Unexpected adventure in the street behind the wheel

It was not easy to wait till the end of working day (yess, all day just working, that is all what Germany is about, do not forget that) to be … Continue reading

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Can Germans go crazy? About anything? Cars maybe?

If you come to Germany now, you might suddenly feel yourself in the middle of endless wedding. So many white cars! I swear it was not the case even one … Continue reading

June 27, 2013 · 3 Comments

Short instruction, no cinnamon & a lot of adrenaline!

Turn on this as loud as you can bare. And then 200 km speed per hour. On the most left lane. Oh, and don’t forget pressing this Enjoy adrenaline! But … Continue reading

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German reaction to snow: lost and unsafe

This thought is chasing me. Until I do not write about German reaction to snow, the spring will not come. First of all I must say that my impressions about … Continue reading

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