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They did not know about gas chambers

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Germans do carry WWII trauma and never speak or joke about Hitler. One of very surprising things I found out while visiting a … Continue reading

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Germany : Brazil – 7 : 1 from the other side

If you are looking for the details how the game went and who scored the goals, etc. any factual details, please save your time by looking elsewhere. This is also … Continue reading

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How to survive and fully enjoy carnival in Germany

It is a long carnival weekend in Germany and most cities, towns and even villages of NRW are busy with carnival processions. It is definitelly one of the things to … Continue reading

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Mother gives birth to a huge baby in Germany. Do they still give births in Germany?

A very big baby was born yesterday in Germany. The biggest so far ever born here. It is all over the news since yesterday. It made me wonder. Not only … Continue reading

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The first thing that comes to everybody’s head after mentioning a word carnival is of course Brazil. And no way Germany! I have not yet beed to Brazil. But I … Continue reading

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Definitetely THE BEST: St. Martin

I come from the country which is even more to the North than Germany. Which means November is the worst time of the year. When days are short, nights are … Continue reading

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